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Harvest the wind - harvest the data
Valuable data was literally blowing in the wind as Siemens sought out to transform single wind turbine data to hands-on knowledge about availability and performance.

The challenge was very clear: How could Siemens utilize the enormous amount of data generated by single wind turbines all over the world to streamline, qualify and make internal processes more efficient? Equally important, how could the data be ensured to reach the right people in order to achieve maximum effect?

Through a tailor-made Business Intelligence solution, Inspari helped Siemens move from data to knowledge - and from knowledge to value.






An integrated worldwide solution in less than 5 months
To handle the vast amount of data and to create a perfect knowledge-based decision set-up, Inspari facilitated a Microsoft SQL Business Intelligence solution that collects and moves data from each wind turbine to dedicated databases. From here, data is reported directly to the intended user.

The data delivers information about availability, service levels and alarm sequences, and the data is made accessible across geographical boarders, turbine types, time periods and more. Users can access the new knowledge through a Microsoft SharePoint portal or by conducting their own analysis in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel.


The entire solution was developed and integrated in less than 5 months.


Inspari's solution has multiple benefits:


1:  Fast and easy access to performance data/alarm tracking for superior performance monitoring and proactive measurements

2:  Service improvement - increased efficiency and proactive risk assessment/trouble-shooting

3:  New product development as engineers gain valuable data overview and save time





More than 100% increase in efficiency
Business critical information is now made available for each dedicated area within Siemens.


Each user can optimise performance and service directly based on the new knowledge at hand and on a daily basis. By letting specialists focus on trouble-shooting and product development instead of crushing data, efficiency has improved by several hundred percent as a direct result of the Business Intelligence solution from Inspari.






Siemens Wind Power offers complete wind power solutions for onshore, offshore and service projects. Siemens is the only manufacturer worldwide with know-how, products, solutions and key components spanning the entire energy conversion chain.







We are a dedicated Business Intelligence consultancy with industry-leading knowledge about Performance Management and Microsoft-based Business Intelligence solutions.


Through passionate employees and proven solutions, we optimise businesses and people, and we work diligently to help our customers go from data to knowledge - and from knowledge to value.

Want to learn more about the value of Business Intelligence within the renewable energy sector?



want to know more?


Jens-Jacob Thuun Aarup

Director and Partner

M: +45 20 26 86 60


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