inspari summit ‘18
informal and ambitious 
knowledge sharing 

Inspari Summit is first and foremost our internal knowledge sharing day for all employees at Inspari. But honestly, it’s too good to keep to ourselves. That is why we invite some of our closest friends to share the experience with us. 

At Inspari, we are +130 ambitious employees divided between our offices in Norway, Romania and Denmark. Our everyday is busy, fun and full of value-creating activities together with our customers. That is why all employees participate in Inspari Summit - to make sure that great knowledge is shared among us all. And you! 

December 7, Aarhus

sessions are in the making 
as you read along

All sessions are in the making right now. They are created internally based on supply and demand among employees at Inspari covering anything from advanced analytics performed on stage, customer case-based inspiration, data geeky back-end stuff, new BI or IoT technologies, strategy, user adoption or data warehousing to the max. You will have a hard time creating your personal programme because you will have plenty of cool stuff to choose from. All sessions are in English. 


ready, set, sign up
go, go, go 

We advise you to sign up as soon as possible. When all the special invited seats are taken, we will create a waiting list. 

the practical 



December 7 from 9am to 4:45pm




Moesgaard Museum 
Moesgård Allé 15
8270 Højbjerg


Your extended family - almost 

We do not have a no-show fee. However, please treat this event as if it were a family dinner. If you sign up but cannot make it, please let us know. Based on historic data, we predict to have at least 20 people on our waiting list of people who spent too much time considering whether to go or not. 

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